Anion Sponge

Our innovative negative ion or Anion sponge has been developed with freshness in mind.

We may experience the refreshing feeling associated with anions in nature’s forests or close to a waterfall where there is an abundant source of these ‘vitamins’ floating freely in the air.

Associated with health and well being these negatively charged particles trigger alpha waves in the brain, in turn controlling the secretion of serotonin and histamine to promote mental alertness and relieve anxiety and tension.

Our advanced technology ensures an abundance of anions released continuously from the sponge throughout its life.

Offered with three treatments as standard our Anion sponge is manufactured utilising advanced technology to eliminate witness cut marks on the surface, often associated with standard methods of manufacture.

Treatments comprise – anti UV to prevent discolouring and degradation when exposed to natural light, anti copper to prevent discolouring when rinsing in clean water supplied to all households by copper pipes and anti bacteria.


  • Standard colours: white, pink, peach and almond
  • Custom colours: available
  • Size: Standard and bespoke available
  • Packaging: Standard and bespoke available